What is an exclusive listing?

An exclusive listing agreement is when you appoint a single real estate agency to represent you in the sale of your property.



An exclusive listing with lovespain.com will bring the best result

You are granting your chosen agent sole responsibility for selling your property and a good agent will respond to this. When you choose this method, you will feel less pressure because you can rest assured that you have the agent’s full commitment.



Why choose lovespain.com for your exclusive listing?

Lovespain.com has the infrastructure in place to offer an exclusive agency agreement based on the fact that the company has a great reputation, immediately recognisable corporate branding, established offices, the necessary staff and 100% commitment.



What are the key benefits to the client?

The key benefit to an exclusive listing arrangement is control. You have one point of contact and one point of responsibility. Your appointed agent will be 100% committed, and 100% responsible for the outcome of your sale. Lovespain.com will also share your listing with our network of over 600 other agents which means you don’t need to contact several agents to market your property. Lovespain.com will always accompany an agent to your property and you remain in full control of viewings.



What does an exclusive listing mean for the agent?

Some people list their home with multiple agents. However, agents earn their income through sales, not listings, so they’re less likely to give a great commitment unless they’ve got a chance of success. Like all business people, estate agents dedicate time where they’re most likely to gain. That means exclusive listings.

Benefits of choosing lovespain.com’s exclusive listing service:

  • A personal marketing plan and promotional services to make sure your property gets noticed by the right people
  • Regular communication and feedback
  • Buyers are fully qualified before viewing the property
  • Comprehensive exposure online and offline; internet, window displays, newspaper ads, direct mail programs, open days, flyers, signs
  • Quality offers presented in writing through professional negotiations